Balanced Solutions from Auriga

Auriga Microwave designs and manufactures Balanced Solutions that overcome historical and perplexing design and performance limitations.

By creatively optimizing efficiency, linearity and size, our customers receive a balanced solution that meets or exceeds their specifications based on performance, time and money.

Microwave Design

With more than 100 years of combined modeling and design experience, and working with the industry’s most sophisticated technology in high-powered RF and microwave devices, Auriga designs, manufactures and delivers balanced solutions. Auriga customers turn to us when efficiency, bandwidth, linearity, and size need to be optimized, especially when time-to-market is critical or internal expertise is unavailable.

Custom Test Systems

Component Test System with Auriga WIDE

Our turn-key, fully-automated, component test systems provide a single-connection, multiple measurement architecture used in both low-volume and high-volume manufacturing of high-frequency commercial and military modules and MMIC devices, such as transmit and receive modules (T/R), LMDS and MMDS, CPE, and base station testing. Our industry leading system now offers Auriga WIDE™, Auriga’s Wizard-based Integrated Development Environment.

AU4850 Pulsed IV/RF Characterization System

AU4850 Pulsed IV/RF System

Delivering unprecedented testing capabilities in one small package. The AU4850 is a standalone bench-top solution for capturing pulsed IV/RF data. May be fully integrated with network analyzers with pulse capabilities for pulsed S-parameter measurements. See how geometry, temperature and substrate attributes affect device performance down to measurement widths of 70 ns.

Bias Tees

Auriga Bias Tees

Wideband, heavy-duty bias tees for high-power applications. Covering RF frequency ranges from 100 MHz to 26.5 GHz in multiple frequency-band configurations, Auriga bias tees perform where no other tee can.